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Archive for the ‘Non-fiction’ Category

Wonderland was never this screwy

Lately, it feels like reality has plunged down the rabbit hole, lurched through the looking glass, and tumbled us into Backwards Land where everything is topsy-turvy and logic needn’t apply.

It’s the kind of place where sports gets twisted like a pretzel to suit dubious agendas, so a girl accused of being a boy gets bounced around like a hapless hedgehog in a mad game of political croquet where everyone’s coming out swinging.

The one-time mother of the nation has turned Queen of Hearts, nurturing melanin-deprived conspiracy theories and yelling ‘Off with their media heads!’ at the slightest provocation.

Mad Hatter Malema is throwing madcap tea party press conferences and serving up steaming hot cups of bile topped with a froth of racism and chocolate hate-speech sprinkles. His tea party pals hand out big sticks and party-loyalty blindfolds so they can wish a very merry un-revolution to you.


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New book store / coffee shop in Johannesburg seeks authors

My friend, fabulous writer and doccie maker, Lindiwe Nkutha sent me a mail asking for help on behalf of her sister, Pokie, who hopes to launch a coffee shop / book store that will play host to cool lit events, readings, talks and artsy get-togethers.

She needs to show the bank that she’ll be able to pull in interesting authors and has put out a request for anyone who’d like to participate in such events to email her a letter for the finance guys… You can get her on “Buyisiwe, Clara Putu”

More info after the jump (more…)

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Vodacom prize – the winning columns

For anyone keen to read the actual columns in question that brought in a (joint) win as best columnist Western Cape in Vodacom’s Journalist of the Year Awards, I’ve posted them here.

With Teeth, is a regular fixture in The Big Issue, which supports the homeless and unemployed by providing them with a hand-up not a hand-out.

I’m thrilled to say it’s the second year in a row that the column has won the category.

• “Pest Control” looks at how Jacob Zuma might want to consider implementing an updated campaign against The Four Harms ala Mao Zedong. Only, whereas Chairman Mao declared war against sparrows, flies, mosquitoes and rats, the focus of the ANC President’s pest control programme is on tackling scorpions, weaselly former associates, bearish big business and, of course, putting down those mad mongrel dogs of the media.

• “Privacy” examines how Facebook and social networking sites have us willingly dishing up personal and sensitive information on our religious beliefs, political leanings and sexuality for free that oppressive governments would have paid a pretty penny for during the reign of the Stasi or Special Branch.

• “Mugabe is the next Al Gore” puts forward everyone’s favourite dictator for the role of global anti-consumerism campaign hero in the wake of last year’s riots in Zimbabwe, price-slashing and empty supermarket shelves.
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