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Lauren Beukes

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Archive for the ‘Lifestyle’ Category

Wonderland was never this screwy

Lately, it feels like reality has plunged down the rabbit hole, lurched through the looking glass, and tumbled us into Backwards Land where everything is topsy-turvy and logic needn’t apply.

It’s the kind of place where sports gets twisted like a pretzel to suit dubious agendas, so a girl accused of being a boy gets bounced around like a hapless hedgehog in a mad game of political croquet where everyone’s coming out swinging.

The one-time mother of the nation has turned Queen of Hearts, nurturing melanin-deprived conspiracy theories and yelling ‘Off with their media heads!’ at the slightest provocation.

Mad Hatter Malema is throwing madcap tea party press conferences and serving up steaming hot cups of bile topped with a froth of racism and chocolate hate-speech sprinkles. His tea party pals hand out big sticks and party-loyalty blindfolds so they can wish a very merry un-revolution to you.


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