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Comics Signing at Reader’s Den & Fairest Reviews

This Saturday I’ll be doing a signing of Fairest #8, the first in the six issue Hidden Kingdom miniseries set in the Fables universe that I’m writing for DC Vertigo with art by the brilliant Inaki Miranda and coloring by Eva de la Cruz.

If you’ve never read Fables, don’t sweat it, all you need to know is that it’s fairytale refugees hiding out in the real world, but oldschool fans of Bill Willingham’s epic series will appreciate the cameos.

There’ll be cool giveaways, including original artwork by Inaki Miranda and the poster of Adam Hughes’ insanely gorgeous cover.

The first reviews are coming in and it’s really lovely. So cool and unreal to have a comic “for real life”, as my four year old daughter would say.

So here’s a round-up:

“Beukes takes advantage of the possibilities of her subject’s world to produce an astonishingly strong debut…Miranda’s art is bombastic, fueling the storyline with even greater energy” - Weekly Comic Book Review

“The Hidden Kingdom looks ot be as big, interesting, gritty, and fascinating as the real thing and it’s only getting started. Inaki Miranda’s art work really nails all of the characters, while having a certain style about his drawings.” - - Futile Position

“Rapunzel’s past comes to find her in a visually breathtaking attack by paper cranes in a flurry of broken glass and blood. Beukes niftily combines two allusions into one: a thousand origami cranes, which by Japanese legend can grant one wish, and death by a thousand cuts, a form of torture and execution from Ancient China. A detour to Brooklyn draws Jack Horner into the net of the story, and Rapunzel draws in a further portion of the Fableverse by appealing for help first from Fabletown’s government, and then, in desperation, from a seedier source… Miranda and De La Cruz’s [art and colors] jump from the noisy city chaos and the teeth of a new adversary to the muted, minimalist last page instills creeping dread and suspense in the reader for what trials and horrors await Rapunzel in her quest to be reunited with her children.” - ComicsBookResources

Beukes has done a fantastic job setting up this story. There is an air of mystery woven throughout, as well curiosity about Rapunzel’s tie to Japan and her children. For an introductory issue to a new arc, it sure gets the job done.
And the cover! Can Adam Hughes do no wrong? THE VERDICT: It’s a buy, especially for people interested in the Fables universe.” - Talking Comic Books

“A new story, The Hidden Kingdom, begins! Now, in all honesty, all I really need to do is show you all the cover and tell you the story is as hot… a must read story for long time fans of Fables!” - Bullet Reviews on ComicBooked

“Fairest #8 starts off a killer Rapunzel story. @laurenbeukes is a fantastically talented find! Sharp characterization and dialogue!” - @comixreviews


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