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Lauren Beukes

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Animals that like rain and novel tolls

I’ve been in novel deadline hell (plus double dose kidney infection) for the last four weeks. It’s been lockdown at the keyboard and my husband has been basically operating as a single dad while I put in 8am-midnight work shifts.

I know how bad it’s been because my (almost) four year old daughter told her teacher, very excited, “My mommy’s finished her book. So now she can play with me!”

So it was great to get some real time with her this last weekend, hanging out, visiting friends, going to The Book Lounge, attending the madness of a four year old’s birthday party and going to watch Brave, which was brilliant, hilarious, warm, moving, high adventure unadulterated Pixar-goodness. K has pronounced the fiery heroine, Merida, her “favourite princess”. (We did buy the picture book to discuss the scary bear scenes before she saw it, because it is a very scary bear).

Huge thanks to @drwave from Pixar for sending the matching mom-daughter-dad Brave t-shirts and inside-out transforming Hamish-bear, all of which accompanied us to the 3D screening.











But the best moment on the weekend came visiting Sarah Lotz (aka half of SL Grey, aka half of Lily Herne), which was her first choice when I told her we could do anything she wanted.

Sarah is one of K’s favourite people (and, I recently discovered, the source of the terror among the kids in our neighbourhood of the story of the lion who lives behind the mound of dirt at the end of the park)

It was pouring with rain as we drove up to Sarah’s Noordhoek farm and when we spotted a horse wearing a raincoat, my daughter demanded to know why.

“Because she doesn’t want to get wet in the rain.” I explained, and then asked, rhetorically, rolling my eyes,  ”Because honestly, what kind of animal likes rain?”

K answered thoughtfully: ”Ducks do! And snails.”

“Oh yes. That’s true. Look, there are some more horses.”

“But mommy! They don’t have rain coats.”

“That’s why they’re hiding under the tree. They don’t like the rain either.”

And then we spotted Sarah’s horse, Donatello. A huge shaggy war charger beast, not unlike the horse in Brave. He was standing in the middle of the paddock. Proud. Noble. Soaked.

“<gasp> Mommy! Donatello is in the rain! He’s getting all wet! Why is he standing in the rain?”

I racked my brains. Dammit. “Um. Maybe he likes the rain.” Inspiration struck. “Maybe it’s because he has a little duck in him.”

To which she replied, indignant. “Well he must spit it out!”

It was awesome.

I’ve missed her.


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  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Helen</a>
    August 27th, 2012 @16:10 #

    Really great post and pics. Tell K from me that hanging out with Sarah is almost always my first choice of fun things to do. Enjoy the mommy-time.


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