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Lauren Beukes

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Comic-Con in pictures

Comic-Con was insane and wonderful. I didn’t get to a single screening (not Dredd, which has been getting great buzz, not Neill Blomkamp’s new ‘un, Elysium and not even the Breaking Bad S5 premiere which was a special kind of hurt).

None of these pictures show the sheer scale or press of people. 140 000 attendees apparently, all completely stoked despite the long queues and the crush of the dealer’s room. It had the same kind of vibe of a giant sporting event, everyone dressed up for the occasion with silly props, thrilled to be there, looking forward to the fun stuff ahead – and no losing team.

The costumes were brilliant and happy-making, although eventually I just gave up on photographing them because there are better galleries than mine, like here and here. Gender-bending and genre-blending cosplay made my day every time, from the bearded Leias to the all-girl Avengers and the Hello Kitty R2D2 and the feisty 10 year old Princess Vader, all in pink, who was loving every second of it – and better yet, it seemed to be her idea rather than her parents.

Not everyone was a fan. Religious protesters turned out every day (I never found out if they were actually Westborough Church or not). But they ended up drawing extra protesters and in one instance, homophobic rants attracted some fervent gay kiss-ins right in front of them.

It was very much in keeping with the spirit of the event. Levity wins!

I got to hang out with a lot of old friends, including Meredith Yayanos and Richard Kadrey, Mike Carey (and his awesomely cool daughter Louise), Shelly Bond, Bill Willingham and the brilliantly organised Stephanie, Paul Cornell, John Picacio, Lou Anders and John Grace among others as well as spend some really good time with Mulholland’s vivacious Miriam Parker, who, naturally, got me drunk on margarhitas in a secret, quiet Mexican restaurant far from the crowds.

And I got to meet a bunch of cool new people, from one of my favourite authors, Mark Danielewski, whose new book, The Fifty Year Sword, sounds ridiculously amazingly cool, comics artist Michael Allred and his wife Laura Allred, who picked up an Eisner for best colorist, Francesco Francavilla, who also won an Eisner, but not for the awesome Breaking Bad posters he’s been doing that I’ve been tweeting for the last few weeks) and his lovely wife, Lisa and while Adam Hughes wasn’t able to make it, I got a chance to chat to his wife Alison, who is awesome, Steven T Seagle, Twitter friend @thisbrokenwheel and heck, a bunch of other interesting, smart, wonderful people.

And I got to appear on the Fables 10 Year Anniversary Panel along with Bill Willingham, Mark BuckinghamSteve LeialohaAndy LanningAndrew Pepoy, letterer Todd Klein, colorist Lee Loughridge and Sean E. Williams, who is one of the other writers on Fairest.

The Fables  panel was brilliantly written up here by Comic Book Resources. We all got a chance to present our favourite moments in the series and Sean and I talked up our arcs of Fairest, the spin-off series starring the fairest in the land. (My Rapunzel-in-Japan miniseries kicks off in October, with influences ranging from Miyazaki and Sei Shōnagon to Koji Suzuki, Banana Yoshimoto, Haruki Murakami, Takashi Murakami and Ryu Murakami and probably some other Murakamis too with yokai and yurei and yakuza galore).

It was humbling to see the love for the series. The hall was packed out with plenty of fans in costumes, from an icy Snow Queen to several Frogcatchers.

Thereafter, we all went on to a Fables celebratory dinner complete with place-settings decorated with pages artwork and customised wine bottles.

And the two absolute highlights of the whole thing: getting a piece of custom art for my kid (I bought a lot of art, mainly prints, from Ragnor to Tara McPherson).

Steve Buccellato was very cool about diverging from his theme for the day of doodling pulp Jungle Girls, to do an adorable warrior princess “who has to look like my daughter. And she has to have a sword. And a unicorn. And there should be stars on her dress. And oh yes, the sword IS ON FIRE”.

Note to comic book editors: Steve’s not only talented, he takes direction very well!

The other highlight was doing a total fangirl squee and attacking Giancarlo Esposito aka Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring at the bar in the Hyatt and demanding a photograph. He’d be so perfect for the Maltese in the Zoo City movie, something I may have suggested to his agent who was hanging out with him.


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    July 31st, 2012 @11:29 #


  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Thomas</a>
    July 31st, 2012 @13:00 #

    its official, im coming with you next year - even if I must come in your suitcase

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Ben - Editor</a>
    Ben - Editor
    July 31st, 2012 @14:27 #

    Nifty! :)

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Louis Greenberg</a>
    Louis Greenberg
    July 31st, 2012 @15:30 #

    Very nice! The last two are my best. And the idea of quiet margaritas amid the mayhem.


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